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Is the Old Ram haunted?
29 Oct

Ghosts at The Old Ram Inn?

A listed Coaching Inn dating back to the 1600s, The Old Ram retains many ancient features, and it may come as no surprise that it is purported to have it’s own ghost.

The presence of a female ghost called ‘Rose’ has been felt by a number of people over the years, including by Karla, our longest serving member of staff (34 years!).

Rose is a spirit who is apparently happy in the company of Ladies, but not so keen on Gentlemen. Rumour suggests that she either had her heart broken and/or was ‘ravaged’ by a local landowner.

There is also a part of the hotel that is always a shade cooler than anywhere else…

We have few other details so if you know any more about the history of the Inn – or the story behind ‘Rose’, please do get in touch!

Meanwhile – Happy Halloween!